General information

Veolia in brief

Around the globe, Veolia helps cities and industries to manage, optimize and make the most of their resources. The company provides an array of solutions related to water, energy and materials – with a focus on waste recovery – to promote the transition toward a circular economy.

Veolia’s 179,000 employees are tasked with contributing directly to the sustainability performance of customers in the public and private sectors, allowing them to pursue development while protecting the environment. To this end, the company designs and deploys specialist solutions to provide, protect and replenish resources while increasing their efficiency from an environmental, economic and social standpoint. Such initiatives are all part of Veolia’s ongoing campaign to resource the world.

  • 94 million people supplied with drinking water
  • 62 million people connected to wastewater systems
  • 4,532 drinking water production plants managed
  • 3,442 wastewater treatment plants managed
  • 450 district and local heating and cooling networks
  • 53.7 million MWh produced
  • 2.4 million multi-family housing units managed
  • 2,000 industrial facilities managed
  • Collection services for more than 51 million people on behalf of local authorities
  • 570,000 business customers (excl. industrial maintenance)
  • 38 million metric tons of waste recovered as materials and energy
  • 719 treatment plants operated

Looking for a job where you can help change peoples' lives?

If you…

  • are eager to develop your entrepreneurship skill,
  • are not afraid of responsibilities and responsiveness,
  • take care about local people, industries and authorities,
  • appreciate flexibility

    We can offer you:
  • work in a culture of professional excellence,
  • being a part of a company that supports people and communities,
  • development of your personal and professional skills,
  • quality working conditions,
  • diversity compliants.

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    Veolia has identified seven key growth markets, representing sectors with significant potential to generate revenue, in which resource strain drives growing demand for narrowly specialized expertise. These sectors are opening up new opportunities for environmental services in which Veolia already provides benchmark solutions:

    • The circular economy, to tackle the problem of dwindling raw materials, water and energy resources
    • Innovative solutions to improve life in cities and related services
    • Treating the most challenging types of pollution, such as toxic waste, treatment sludge and contaminated wastewater
    • Decommissioning services for oil rigs, ships, aircraft and nuclear plants
    • The food & beverage industry, ensuring compliance with stringent standards on health, safety and quality
    • Mining, which requires extensive resources
    • The oil & gas industry, governed by increasingly demanding environmental standards

    How to apply?

    We try to the greatest possible extent to identify candidates very early on, via internships or via our international graduate program (Pangeo), simply because it takes time to acquire a genuine understanding of our businesses. But with this first step over, newcomers can quickly be faced with major challenges, potentially opening up prospects for fast promotion.

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  • History of the cooperation with BEST

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    Warsaw (Poland)
    9th November 2016

    Silver partner of Presidents' Meeting 2016

    Inès Abbas and Anna Lokaj will present Veolia and its career opportunities to the delegates of the Presidents' Meeting and local participants, in the Technical University of Warsaw.

    BEST Carer Day 2016
    (Brussels, Belgium)
    1st April 2016

    Gold partner of BCD 2016

    Inès Abbas presented Veolia and its career opportunities to the participants of BCD in MCE Conference Centre.

    Brussels (Belgium)
    6 - 11 November 2015

    Silver partner of Presidents' Meeting 2015

    Brigitte Durand, Nicolas Lecuy, Kobe Van de Weghe, David Moreno and Ines Abbas presented Veolia and its career opportunities to the delegates of the Presidents' Meeting and local participants, in Diamant Building.

    Chania (Greece)
    24 April 2015

    Partner of BEST Career Day 2015

    Brigitte Durand, Nicolas Lecuy, Mialy Rajaonarivelo and Rebecca Newell presented Veolia and its career opportunities to the participants of BCD and delegates of the General Assembly, in Chania Cultural Centre.

    Valladolid (Spain)
    19 April 2013

    Partner of BEST Career Day 2013

    Veolia participated in the first edition of BCD and presented its career opportunities to the participants of BCD and delegates of the General Assembly, in the Millennium Dome of Valladolid.

    Warsaw (Poland)
    29 April - 7 May 2010

    Partner of the General Assembly of BEST 2010

    Sandrine Humbrecht and Magdalena Adamiak represented Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies at the jobfair organised in Warsaw University of Technology during the Official Opening Day of the event, on 30th April 2010.

    Lviv (Ukraine)
    3 - 9 December 2009

    Partner of the Presidents' Meeting of BEST 2009

    Sandrine Humbrecht and Simon Simonsen presented Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies and its career opportunities to the delegates of the Presidents' Meeting, in Lviv Polytechnic National University, on 4 December 2009. After attending the jobfair, they organised a technical case study with 26 of the delegates during which the global water crisis as well as the activities of the company were addressed.

    Budapest (Hungary)
    16 - 25 April 2009

    Partner of the General Assembly of BEST 2009

    Sandrine Humbrecht, Kriszta Kindla and Flemming Wessman attended the Jobfair organised in the Parliament of Budapest, on 17 April 2009. Afterwards, Flemming Wessman, who was also the President of BEST in 1995-1996, organised a small competition about the global water crisis with 20 of the delegates. The winners received plane tickets to Paris, where Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies made them visit its headquarters, local business units and famous cultural places in June 2009.

    Bucharest (Romania)
    6 - 13 November 2008

    Partner of the Presidents' Meeting of BEST 2008

    For its XIVth edition, the Presidents' Meeting landed in Bucharest. From Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies' side, Sandrine Humbrecht, Mélanie Barré-Bertin and Andreea Popovici were present during the Official Opening Day, on 7 November 2008. After attending the jobfair organised in the Palace of Parliament, they proposed a workshop where the life cycle of a wastewater treatment plant project was investigated.

    Tallinn (Estonia)
    28 April - 7 May 2008

    Partner of the General Assembly of BEST 2008

    Two French representatives, Sandrine Humbrecht and Mélanie Barré-Bertin, attended the jobfair organised during the Official Opening Day on 29 April 2008, in Tallinn University of Technology.

    Detailed company profile

    Basic Information

    Department/Office: Paris
    Street and Number: 38, avenue Kléber
    Zipcode: 75116
    City: Paris Cedex
    Country: France
    Phone Number: +33 0(1) 71 75 00 00
    Fax Number: +33 0(1) 71 75 10 45
    Other headquarters: No

    Company's Countries

    Argentina , Armenia , Australia , Bahrain , Belgium , Brazil , Bulgaria , Canada , Chile , China , Colombia , Congo , Czech Republic , Ecuador , Egypt , Finland , France , Gabon , Germany , Ghana , Hong Kong , Hungary , India , Iraq , Ireland , Italy , Japan , Korea, Republic Of , Kuwait , Lebanon , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Mexico , Morocco , Namibia , Netherlands , New Zealand , Niger , Norway , Oman , Peru , Poland , Portugal , Qatar , Romania , Russian Federation , Saudi Arabia , Singapore , Slovakia , Spain , Sweden , Ukraine , United Arab Emirates , United Kingdom , United States , Venezuela

    Company's activity fields

    Ecology , Energy , Natural Resources , Others

    A short profile of the company culture

    There are already more than 7 billion people on the planet. In the near future, there will be 9 billion. The world is growing; it needs new resources. This means we need to be more inventive, more responsible and more efficient. Today, we recover water, waste and energy. What is discarded by some becomes a resource for others. Being attentive and more respectful of our planet and its people is how we view our business, our footprint and our contribution. We are creating new businesses, and a new economic and social dynamic. We are contributing to the world movement and people’s lives. Develop access to resources, preserve resources, replenish resources: resourcing the world is our goal.

    Profile of the engineers and professionals the company is looking for

    General engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, process engineering, mechanical engineering automation, industrial engineering, materials and process engineer, chemist, agronomist engineer, quality engineer, systems engineer information

    Typical career for hired engineers

    Network Engineer / Drinking water production plant Engineer / Civil Work Engineer / Project Engineer / Design Engineer / Researcher / Quality, Health, Safety an Environment Engineer…

    International mobility policy

    We encourage professional and geographic internal mobility, individual development plans, a fair compensation policy and an expanding employee shareholder base, all of which combine to offer motivation for professional and personal growth.

    Recruitment procedure

    Veolia calls for HR recommendations. HR management depends on local level

    Internal training policy

    Thanks to an on-the-job training policy that benefits both employees and customers, we anticipate and keep up with changes in our businesses and the specific needs of the communities we serve. The Campus Veolia network offers secure and motivating career training programs. Shortly after their hire, a personalized integration plan is created for each new recruit, tailored to the employee’s background, the diversity of our businesses and organizations and specific operational requirements. The process can take different forms, such as manager induction days, on-site training and more.