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Choose to grow in a company that thinks and works on a large scale. Make a choice that will put you in the spotlight! To people who are determined to grow through participation in change, in a place where, every day, innovation meets the needs, desires and dreams of people, we offer the chance to become part of a company that is contributing to the transformation of the cultural, social and economic life of the 21st century. Thanks to people like ours, Italy will once again be a country where young people can grow and invest in themselves. With 30.1 million mobile lines and 12.1 million connections to its fixed network, of which 7 million are retail broadband accesses, at the end of June 2015,Telecom Italia is Italy’s main ICT group. Abroad its main strength is Brazil, where TIM Brasil, supplying 74.6 million lines, is a major player on the market. As it has done throughout its industrial history, the Group is focusing its strategy on innovation, and over the 2015-2017 period the Group will be investing 5 billion euros on the development of new generation technologies. The goal is to reach 75% of the Italian population with the new generation fixed ultrabroadband (Fibre, NGN) and 95% with the mobile network (4G, LTE) by the end of 2017.

Our people

The future of our company necessarily entails a renewed focus on people, their needs and expectations, but above all requires value to be placed on their ideas and contribution. This is why caring and the promotion of diversity within the company are the two fundamental pillars of our People Strategy. People are our strength: Telecom Italia for size, territorial spread and organizational structure, represents a varied and rich world of intelligences, profiles, human and professional stories. This is why we invest in being close to people and in a business culture that believes in the free circulation of ideas. and processes For our company, people are an intangible but extremely valuable asset, so much that the Personnel Department has been renamed “People Value” since 2013.

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A typical request to anyone wanting to join us is the willingness to offer an enthusiastic contribution to teamwork, as well as intellectual curiosity to discover new environments and try out new activities. Moreover, there is the quality of being able to energetically disseminate knowledge and effective solutions. Another indispensable factor is flexibility in adjusting rapidly to such a multicultural and constantly evolving context as Telecom Italia’s. Find out more about our job opportunities and apply now at Telecom Italia Careers

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