BEST Events on Education

A BEST Event on Education (EoE) is an event where students, local and international professors, experts from different industrial or research associations, higher education institutions and company representatives discuss educational matters and try to improve European higher education.

The outcomes of the discussions are afterwards gathered in a final report. Through the analysis of different EoE reports, papers are submitted and, when accepted, presented to international conferences on education such as SEFI AC, WEEF, IACEE World Conference etc. EoEs are mainly run by the Educational Involvement Department (EduID), in cooperation with the Local BEST group that is hosting the event.

The topics that are discussed vary: they can be proposed by EduID or be related to Educational Projects connected to the European Commission, where BEST, through EduID is involved.

An EoE lasts around a week, and involves:

  • 20-25 students;
  • Content team members;
  • Professors: from the host university or international experts;
  • Representatives from EU educational projects;
  • Company representatives.

As in any other BEST event, there are also social activities, such as sightseeing and city rally, company visits, and cultural visits.


EoEs have been organised since 1998. Initially, these events were known as IBS - International BEST Symposium, and, until recently divided into two types - Symposia on Education (SoE, commonly referred to as EoE) and BEST Academics & Companies Forum (BACo). However, we have come to the point where companies should be involved in all of our EoEs, respecting the BEST triangle of Students-Universities-Companies. Today, the name Events on Education (EoEs) is more than enough to describe them.

List of BEST Events on Education

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