EBEC Almada 2019

Event description

European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is the biggest engineering competition in Europe. This year's edition will involve 88 european universities reaching more than 7000 students. EBEC consists of three different phases local, national and final, this project aims to achieve three major goals:

Promotion of engineering through practical applications;

Development of students in different fields: imagination, creativity and overall knowledge;

Promotion of the communication between students, companies and the university.

Participants can choose between the followingcategories in teams of 4:

Case Study - You are given a theoretical problem and through research and information analysis you are asked to present the most optimal solution given the conditions of the problem.

Team Design - In this category you must build a physical prototype that meets certain requirements of construction and maneuver, with limited resources.

EBEC Almada will take place in march 16th, 17th and 20th, where 16 and 17 will be the weekend dedicated to the competition, and on the 20th we will have the presentations and annoucement of the winners.

Target universities