EBEC Central 2019

Event description

EBEC Central is the second round of the European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC), collecting the winners of 5 Local Rounds in the Central region.

This year EBEC Central will happen in Budapest (organised by Local BEST Group Budapest) between 21st and 24th of May, gathering 40 talented future engineers from the cities of Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary to compete for a place at the Final Round of EBEC in Torino this summer.

It consists of two different categories:

Team Design:

In the Team Design category students have to design and build a working device that can properly execute a certain task, where the available resources are given and limited. After completion, each team has to briefly introduce their device and demonstrate how it works.

Case Study:

The Case Study category consists of providing a solution to a technical or a management problem with no actual construction of any device or assembling of materials. In the end, the teams will give a presentation of the solutions they came up with.

Target universities